Agriculture, Horticulture, Gardening

Gardening and Horticulture Book Covers

   American Agricultural Implements (4 photos)

   American Farming and Stock Raising (43 photos)

   Better Farming with Atlas Farm Powder (3 photos)

   Diggs & Beadles Seeds (2 photos)

   Herbs (2 photos)

   Making Soil and Crops Pay More, By a V-C Farmer (1 photos)

   Manuale de Giardinieri (96 photos)

   Maule's Seedbook (2 photos)

   Our Insect Foes and How to Destroy Them (3 photos)

   Plant Food, Its Nature, Composition and Most Profitable Use. (2 photos)

   Potash in Agriculture (1 photos)

   Principles of Profitable Farming (2 photos)

   Profitable Farming in the United States (1 photos)

   Roberts, Throp & Co. Invincible Thresher (32 photos)

   Scarff's Nursery,Fruit, Farm Seed, Live Stock. 1931 Catalog (5 photos)

   Success With Small Fruits (3 photos)

   Successful Farming (30 photos)

   The Ensilage of Maize, and Other Green Fodder Crops. (6 photos)

   Truck Farming (2 photos)

   Watercolors of Fungi (100 photos)

   Why the Fish Failed: A Story of Potash (1 photos)