Norfolk Southern Glass Plates

   Advertisements Used to Promote Railway Business (473 photos)

   Advertisements With Captions (46 photos)

   Airplanes and Airports (25 photos)

   Animals (39 photos)

   Backhead Steam Engines (10 photos)

   Baggage Cars (16 photos)

   Baggage, Box, Ballast, and Basket Railroad Cars (242 photos)

   Bridge and Tunnel Photographs and Drawings (115 photos)

   Buildings, Rural Scenes, and Points of Interest (72 photos)

   Businesses, Farms, Factories, and Industries (358 photos)

   Cabooses and Cabin Cars (49 photos)

   Calendar, Booklet, and Magazine Cover Illustrations (62 photos)

   Camps (122 photos)

   Caves and Caverns (64 photos)

   Churches (38 photos)

   Class A through Class E Steam Engines (59 photos)

   Class F through Class L Steam Engines (115 photos)

   Class H-1 through H-9 Hopper Cars (166 photos)

   Class H-10 through Class H-35 Hopper Cars (54 photos)

   Class HA, Class HB, And Class HC Hopper Cars (48 photos)

   Class HL, Class HM, and Class HN Hopper Cars (26 photos)

   Class HP through HU Hopper Cars (31 photos)

   Class HV, GK, HSB and No Class Hopper Cars (21 photos)
No class is given for some of these cars and a few oddly classified cars are included in this folio.

   Class M through Class W Steam Engines (78 photos)

   Class X through Z: Steam Engines (97 photos)

   Club and Tavern Cars (8 photos)

   Coach Cars (16 photos)

   Coal Companies, Mines, Tipples (291 photos)

   Coal Company Advertisements (22 photos)

   Coal Company Stores (19 photos)

   Coal mining and railroads (329 photos)

   Coal Mining Communities (3 photos)

   Coal Processing (16 photos)

   Coal Trains (44 photos)

   Coal, Coke, Dump, and Pitch Cars (38 photos)

   Combination Stations (Passenger and Freight) (86 photos)

   Container Cars, Refridgerator Cars, and Tank Cars, (27 photos)

   Conventions and Meetings (51 photos)

   Copies of Norman Rockwell "Four Freedoms" series (4 photos)

   Country Clubs and Golf Courses (34 photos)

   Covered Hopper Cars (76 photos)

   Diesel Engine Trains (40 photos)

   Diesel Engines (123 photos)

   Diesel Trains and Steam Trains in West Virginia (11 photos)
Diesel trains photographed in West Virginia.

   Diesel Trains and Steam Trains in Virginia (113 photos)
Diesel engine and steam engine trains photographed in Virginia.

   Dining Cars (70 photos)

   Electric Engines (26 photos)

   Electric Locomotive trains (57 photos)
Trains pulled by electric locomotives

   Electric Power and Dynometer Cars (10 photos)

   Exhibits and Exhibitions (14 photos)

   Factories, Power Plants, and Mills (150 photos)

   Farming: farms, animals, produce (107 photos)

   Festivals, fetes, fairs, and celebrations (15 photos)
Images of events that celebrate a good harvest and other events of similar nature are pictured here.

   Flat and Rack Cars (78 photos)

   Foreign Locomotives (8 photos)

   Freight terminals (59 photos)

   Freight Trains (15 photos)

   Fuel Advertisements (16 photos)

   Games, Amusements, and Entertainment Used in Advertisements (15 photos)

   Gondola Cars (113 photos)

   Government Buildings (44 photos)

   Historic events, buildings, and monuments (179 photos)

   Holiday, and Vacation Advertisements (13 photos)

   Hopper Cars (329 photos)
Hopper cars are catergorized by classes.

   Hospitals (5 photos)

   Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke, Virginia (160 photos)

   Indiana Schools (6 photos)

   Locomotives - Engines (792 photos)

   Locomotives, Trains, and Railroad Workers Used in Advertisements (94 photos)

   Log and Lumber Cars (6 photos)

   Logos Without Pictoral Illustrations or Photographs (38 photos)

   Lounge Cars (24 photos)

   Mail and Express Cars (64 photos)

   Maps, Fares, Timetables, and Train Schedules (25 photos)

   Maryland Points of Interest (7 photos)

   Maryland Stations and Depots (4 photos)

   Merchandise Freight and Shipping Advertisements (16 photos)

   Music groups and recreation clubs (26 photos)

   N & W Office Employees (164 photos)

   N & W Photographs of Points of Interest (1103 photos)

   N&W Employee Awards (4 photos)

   N&W Employee Group Photographs (566 photos)

   N&W Employee Individual Photographs (1269 photos)

   Norfolk and Western Historical Photograph Collection (10522 photos)
These images are available in TIF format (300 dpi only) unless otherwise noted. Collection contains ca. 10,000 photographic images taken by the Norfolk and Western Railway's Public Relations Department. Subjects include locomotives; cars; coal mines; stations; cities and towns; Roanoke, Virginia; farm scenes; resorts; train wrecks; colleges and universities; group and individual portraits; and caves and caverns. Some photographs date from as early as the 1880s, and a large group of glass plates dates from the early 1900s, but the bulk of the photograph collection dates from the 1920s or later. Ms88-120.

   North Carolina Points of Interest (67 photos)

   North Carolina Schools (69 photos)

   North Carolina Stations and Depots (18 photos)

   Office Buildings and Hotels (20 photos)

   Ohio Bridges (11 photos)

   Ohio Points of Interest (27 photos)

   Ohio Railroad Employees (67 photos)

   Ohio Schools (44 photos)

   Ohio Stations and Depots (152 photos)

   Passenger Cars (144 photos)

   Passenger Train Cars (333 photos)

   Passenger Trains (0 photos)

   People From All Walks of Life (50 photos)
People not employed by coal companies or the railroad. Some historically notable, others noted for where they were when the photographer shot the scene.

   People, Places, and Historic Images (87 photos)
Famous people, historic paintings, and artifacts used in railroad advertisements. This folio also has advertisements featuring states and other points of interest.

   Pocahantas, Powatan, and Cavalier Advertisements (19 photos)

   Pocahontas Fuel Company and other Pocahontas businesses (77 photos)

   Points of Interest Not Listed Under Specific Catergories (21 photos)
Miscellaneous places or events not catergorized.

   Power Houses (22 photos)

   Produce and Crops Used in Advertisements (17 photos)

   Pullman Cars (71 photos)

   Ragan, Leslie Railroad Drawings for Advertisements (9 photos)

   Railroad Buildings, Passenger Stations, Depots, Freight Stations, and Offices (797 photos)

   Railroad Cars (1379 photos)

   Railroad Employee Last Name: A (47 photos)

   Railroad Employee Last Name: B (87 photos)

   Railroad Employee Last Name: C and D (151 photos)

   Railroad Employee Last Name: E, F, and G (113 photos)

   Railroad Employee Last Name: H, I, J, and K (176 photos)

   Railroad Employee Last Name: L, M, N, and O (158 photos)

   Railroad Employee Last Name: P, Q, and R (126 photos)

   Railroad Employee Last Name: S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z (262 photos)

   Railroad Employees and Corporate Business Groups (2146 photos)

   Railroad Maps (6 photos)

   Railroad Offices (33 photos)

   Railroad Operation and Maintenance: train yards, power houses, stokers, and shops (759 photos)

   Railroad Yards (103 photos)

   Recreation (551 photos)

   Recreational areas and parks (162 photos)

   Resorts (36 photos)

   Roanoke Shops, Roanoke, Virginia (234 photos)

   Roanoke, Virginia (154 photos)
Street scenes, buildings, and points of interest in Roanoke, Virginia.

   Roanoke, Virginia, Businesses and Factories (48 photos)

   Roundhouses (18 photos)

   Rural and Highway Photographs (63 photos)

   Safety Awards, Exhibits, and Advertisements (22 photos)

   Schools - miscellaneous (1 photos)

   Schools, Universities, Churches, and Public Buildings (575 photos)

   Section Agents, Foremen, and Workers (55 photos)

   Service Clubs and Booster Clubs (28 photos)

   Shipping of coal and merchandise by water and rail (18 photos)

   Shop Employees (69 photos)

   Shops (288 photos)

   Signal Towers (14 photos)

   Sports (84 photos)

   Stations and Depots by State (619 photos)

   Stations and Railroad Buildings (24 photos)
Stations excluding those in Virginia and West Virginia.

   Steam Engines (619 photos)

   Steam Engines : no class identifier given (235 photos)
Steam engines listed by number or name with no class identifiers.

   Stock, spreader, supply, and safety cars (36 photos)

   Storehouses (12 photos)

   Street Cars (1 photos)

   Sweet Briar College (22 photos)

   Tender cars (20 photos)

   Tennessee Points of Interest (12 photos)

   Timetables (11 photos)

   Towns and Cities in Virginia (176 photos)

   Track scenes (80 photos)

   Track Scenes, Crossings, Signals, and Maintenance of Way Cars and Work (M of W) (199 photos)

   Traffic World Magazine (35 photos)

   Train Crews (29 photos)

   Train Depots and Stations (619 photos)

   Train Wrecks (47 photos)

   Trains Listed by Location (259 photos)
This folio contains images of complete trains. They are listed by the location of the train when the photograph was taken.

   Trains Listed by Type (257 photos)
Trains are listed by type of engine pulling the train or by what the train is carrying.

   Trains Pulled by Steam Engines (100 photos)

   Trains: railroad cars and engines photographed together (647 photos)
Trains identified by type or by location of photograph rather than by individual engine or car, i.e., coal train, passenger train, train in West Virginia mountains.

   Trains: Railroad Cars and Locomotives (93 photos)

   Tunnels (20 photos)

   Veterans' Groups (13 photos)

   Virginia Beach, Virginia (94 photos)

   Virginia Bridges (47 photos)

   Virginia Military Institute (20 photos)

   Virginia Parks, Hotels, Resorts, and Historic Places (111 photos)

   Virginia Points of Interest (567 photos)

   Virginia Polytechnic University and State University (32 photos)

   Virginia Railroad Employees (86 photos)

   Virginia Railroad Stations and Depots (312 photos)

   Virginia Schools (314 photos)

   Virginia Shops, Shed, and Railroad Support Buildings (138 photos)

   Virginia Stations and Depots (336 photos)

   Walton Drawings Used in Railroad Advertisements (15 photos)

   Water Tanks (16 photos)

   West Virginia Bridges (17 photos)

   West Virginia Points of Interest (27 photos)

   West Virginia Railroad Employees (17 photos)

   West Virginia Schools (17 photos)

   West Virginia Stations and Depots (109 photos)

   West Virginia Stations and Points of Interest (49 photos)

   Wood Chip Hopper Cars (6 photos)

   World War II Railroad Advertisements (22 photos)

   YMCAs (Young Mens Christian Association) (19 photos)