Norfolk and Western Historical Photograph Collection

   Advertisements Used to Promote Railway Business (473 photos)

   Airplanes and Airports (25 photos)

   Animals (39 photos)

   Bridge and Tunnel Photographs and Drawings (115 photos)

   Businesses, Farms, Factories, and Industries (358 photos)

   Coal mining and railroads (329 photos)

   Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke, Virginia (160 photos)

   Locomotives - Engines (792 photos)

   Maps, Fares, Timetables, and Train Schedules (25 photos)

   N & W Photographs of Points of Interest (1103 photos)

   People From All Walks of Life (50 photos)
People not employed by coal companies or the railroad. Some historically notable, others noted for where they were when the photographer shot the scene.

   Railroad Buildings, Passenger Stations, Depots, Freight Stations, and Offices (797 photos)

   Railroad Cars (1379 photos)

   Railroad Employees and Corporate Business Groups (2146 photos)

   Railroad Operation and Maintenance: train yards, power houses, stokers, and shops (759 photos)

   Recreation (551 photos)

   Schools, Universities, Churches, and Public Buildings (575 photos)

   Track Scenes, Crossings, Signals, and Maintenance of Way Cars and Work (M of W) (199 photos)

   Trains: railroad cars and engines photographed together (647 photos)
Trains identified by type or by location of photograph rather than by individual engine or car, i.e., coal train, passenger train, train in West Virginia mountains.