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[folio icon]Christiansburg Institute (1416 image records)
Photographs loaned by Christiansburg Institute for digitization to make available to the public through the Virgina Tech ImageBase
[folio icon]Christiansburg Institute Alumni, Faculty, Students, and Volunteers (132 image records)

Sub Folios

[folio icon]Christiansburg Institute Alumni Association (29 images)
[folio icon]Christiansburg Institute principals and their families (13 images)
[folio icon]Thomas Edward Ferguson Senior Memory Book (8 images)
A memory book with entries from friends to "Toni."
[folio icon]Volunteers at work at Christiansburg Institute (7 images)
Volunteers helped clear, plant, clean, and support the Christiansburg Institute in so many ways over the years.
[folio icon]Waymon Pack (5 images)

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