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[folio icon]Landscape Architecture & Architecture (197 image records)
Landscape Architecture and Architecture images, most shot by Terry Clements.
[folio icon]France (116 image records)
Images of French landscape architecture and architecture.
[folio icon]Normandy (18 image records)
Includes images of World War Two memorials and cemetery sites.

Sub Folios

[folio icon]Bayeux British Military Cemetery (3 images)
Images of the British Military Cemetery in Bayeaux, France.
[folio icon]Coleville American Military Cemetery (4 images)
Images of American cemetery along the Normandy coastline.
[folio icon]German Military Cemetery at la Cambe (5 images)
Images of the German Military Cemetery and Friendship Park at la Cambe.
[folio icon]Le Pointe du Hoc (6 images)
Images of the US Military Memorial Site.
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