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To promote the understanding of Ulster Scots history, culture and heritage through research and scholarship within local, national and international contexts. * To recover for posterity, the significance of the cultural, political and intellectual movement of ideas influenced by the Ulster Scots people. * To develop a transnational approach which will be geographically and politically pluralist and embrace a multiplicity of perspectives. It will stress, as is appropriate for a trans-oceanic enterprise, the fluidity of the cultural process and the dynamism of cultural exchange rather than the parochial rootedness of ethnic history. The approach will be polycentric, broadening intellectual horizons rather than restricting them
[folio icon]Ulster Scots Studies U. S. Task Force Meeting, February 15-16, 2002 (16 image records)
Photographs from meeting at Four Points Sheraton, Blacksburg, Virginia sponsored by the Appalachian Studies Program at Virginia Tech and the Institute of Ulster Scots Studies at University of Ulster, Scotland. See notes area of each image for names of the participants. Images available in jpg format only.

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Title: Wyndham, Griffin, Wallenstein, and Mi...
Subject: Ulster Scots, Scotland, Virginia Tech, history, literature
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