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[folio icon]Blacksburg (Virginia) Odd Fellows Lodge Records, Ms88-009 (3 images)
BLACKSBURG [VIRGINIA] ODD FELLOWS LODGE. RECORDS, 1910-30. 3.8 cu. ft. Black fraternal and religious organization. Records include papers of the Independent Order of St. Luke, souvenir programs, annual reports, calendars, financial reports, proceedings from meetings, circulars, membership books, ritual books, and correspondence. Collection includes black wool uniform coat with brass buttons with insignia BOOF.Container list available. Ms88-009.
[folio icon]Blacksburg Businesses (131 images)
[folio icon]Currie, Leonard, Collection (15 images)
Local Blacksburg, Virginia, resident, 1956-1962, while head of the architecture program at VPI, and 1981-1996 during his retirement. A graduate of the architectural program at Harvard, the Leonard Currie Collection contains his Pagoda House plans.
[folio icon]Hokie Birds- Gobble de Art (244 images)
The Gobble de Art project was sponsored by The Blacksburg Partnership. The purpose of the project was to increase awareness and interest in Blacksburg and also to bring attention to the visual arts. The funds raised from the project will go towards enhancements to Blacksburg that improve the quality of life and add to the current attractiveness of Blacksburg and the surrounding communities as a tourism and retirement destination. This public art project placed seventy-five decorated Hokie Bird statues all around Blacksburg during the Summer and Fall of 2006.
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Title: New Huckleberry Depot
Subject: Huckleberry, Depot, Station, Blacksburg, Virginia, Railroad
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Title: Noah's Ark, VPI
Subject: Noah's Ark, VPI, Blacksburg, Virginia, House
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Title: Norfolk & Western Railroad
Subject: Blacksburg, Virginia, Railroad, Norfolk and Western, Train, People, Speech
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Title: Norfolk and Western Rail Depot,Blacks...
Subject: Virginia - Blacksburg - Railroad - Depots, Trains
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Title: Norfolk and Western Railroad
Subject: Blacksburg, Virginia, Norfolk and Western, People, Horse, Train
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Title: Norfolk and Western Railway
Subject: Norfolk and Western Railway, Blacksburg, Virginia, Train, People, Children
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Title: Norfolk and Western Railway Workers
Subject: Railroad, Blacksburg, Virginia, Norfolk and Western Railway
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Title: Number One Locomotive & Commissary at...
Subject: Blacksburg, Virginia, Merrimac Mines, Locomotive, Commissary, Railroad, Locomotive, Train, Montgomery County, Jamestown Exposition
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Title: Oak Manor, Blacksburg,Virginia
Subject: Apartment house, residence, Southwest Virginia
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Title: Oak Terrace
Subject: Oak Terrace, Blackburg, Virginia, Townhouse
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Title: Old Blacksburg Train Station
Subject: Blacksburg, Train Station, Building
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Title: Original Huckleberry Train
Subject: Huckleberry, Train, Original, Railroad, Blacksburg, Virginia
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Title: Passenger train, depot, and people
Subject: Blacksburg, Virginia, railroad
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Title: Railroad and coal mine near Blacksbur...
Subject: Train, coal, mining
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Title: Railroad car and woman cooking
Subject: Train, diner, dining car, Blacksburg, Virginia
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