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Title: Archeological Dig at Smithfield Plant...
Subject: Blacksburg, Virginia, Archeology, Smokehouse
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Title: Blacksburg Baseball-1920's
Subject: Blacksburg, Baseball, Virginia - Blacksburg - Recreation, VPI - campus
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Title: Blacksburg Cornet Band, 1876
Subject: Virginia, V.A.M.C., VPI, Cadet
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Title: Blacksburg People
Subject: Blacksburg, People, Virginia, Mctier, House
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Title: Blacksburg People
Subject: Blacksburg, People, Peligo, Virginia
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Title: Blacksburg People
Subject: Blacksburg, People, Virginia, Ellet, Hill
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Title: Blacksburg residents, 1967
Subject: Virginia, Postmaster, Anderson
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Title: Blacksburg Water Tank
Subject: Blacksburg, Water Tank, Virginia, People
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Title: Blacksburg, Virginia, celebration
Subject: business, Appalachia
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Title: C. A. Pugh, Blacksburg, 1876
Subject: resident, Virginia
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Title: Charles Owens, A.K.A. "Uncle Sporty"
Subject: Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Black History
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Title: Circuit rider preacher
Subject: Blacksburg, Virginia, Church, Minister, Religion
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Title: Dr. Keith Black
Subject: Blacksburg, medicine,
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Title: Funeral of Major James Patton Harvey ...
Subject: V.P.I., Virginia Tech, downtown, Blacksburg
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Title: Groseclose house in Blacksburg, Virgi...
Subject: Appalachia, Virginia Tech
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