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Title: H.H. Hill, Dr. P.B. Elliot, Blacksburg
Subject: dog, Appalachia, Virginia
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Title: Hack stand and bystanders in Blacksbu...
Subject: Virginia - Blacksburg - Businesses, Cabs, Taxis
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Title: Kate & Will Gray, Blacksburg
Subject: Appalachia, Virginia
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Title: Man on horsebnack
Subject: Blacksburg, Virginia, cadets
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Title: Mrs. Dunlap-Cosmos, Blacksburg
Subject: Virginia, resident
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Title: Mrs. Fagg-Comos & Family, Blacksburg
Subject: Virginia, Appalachia, homes
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Title: Nancy Chappelear Baird
Subject: 515 Progress St, Blacksburg
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Title: Sampson Campbell, Blacksburg,1895
Subject: Blacksburg, Mule, Cart, Virginia
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Title: Snow Scene, Blacksburg-1895
Subject: Snow, Blacksburg, Virginia, Alwood
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Title: Two men with buggy
Subject: Blacksburg, Virginia, Appalachia
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Title: United Confederate Veterans
Subject: Blacksburg, Virginia, Civil War
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Title: W.B. Conway, United Confederate Veterans
Subject: Blacksburg, Virginia
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