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Title: Mountains in Southwestern Virginia
Subject: scenery, Appalachia
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Title: Moving the Catholic Church Rectory
Subject: Catholic, Church, Rectory, Blacksburg, Virginia, House, Draper Construction Co.
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Title: North Main Street, Blacksburg 1960's
Subject: Automobile travel, Businesses - Virginia - Blacksburg
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Title: North Main Street, Blacksburg, 1970
Subject: Businesses - Virginia - Blacksburg, Automobile travel
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Title: Old Miles Stadium, Blacksburg
Subject: football, sports, Virginia
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Title: Outskirts of Blacksburg,Virginia
Subject: Appalachia, Virginia, barn
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Title: Pastoral Scene near Blacksburg, 1934
Subject: Virginia, Pasture, Appalachia, rural
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Title: Post Office and Hack Depot in Blacksburg
Subject: Virginia - Blacksburg - Businesses, Cabs, Taxis
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Title: Post Office in Blacksburg, Virginia
Subject: Blacksburg, Business, Post Office, Loading Platform, Virginia
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Title: Post Office in Blacksburg,Virginia
Subject: commerce, street scene, Southwestern Virginia
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Title: Presbyterian Church, Blacksburg, Virg...
Subject: religion, churches
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Title: Preston Burying Ground at Smithfield ...
Subject: Blacksburg, Virginia, VPI, Cemetery
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Title: Rural Church, Blacksburg, Va.
Subject: Church, Blacksburg, Virginia
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Title: Sanctuary of Christ Episcopal Church,...
Subject: Blacksburg, Virginia, Church, Sanctuary, Episcopal
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Title: Science Hall After Fire
Subject: Blacksburg, Virginia, Fire, Science Hall, Virginia Polytechnic and State University
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