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Title: McDonald's Mill, Montgomery County, V...
Subject: Virginia -- Montgomery County
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Title: Millstone Quarry on Brush Mountain
Subject: Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute, Millstones, Grinding wheels
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Title: Miners at Merrimac Coal Mine
Subject: Montgomery County, Virginia
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Title: Montgomery County Board of Supervisor...
Subject: Montgomery County, Board of Supervisors, 1937, Virginia, apgar, Altizer, Lucas, Jones
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Title: Montgomery County, Virginia, Christia...
Subject: Virginia - Montgomery County - Christiansburg - Schools, Segregation in education
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Title: O.M. Moomaw's Cress Pond
Subject: Moomaw, Cress Pond, Big Spring, Elliston, Montgomery County, Virginia, Agriculture
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Title: Old Christiansburg Courthouse
Subject: Courthouse, Christiansburg, Virginia, Eagle, Law
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Title: Shawsville High School, 1935
Subject: Shawsville, High School, Montgomery County, Virginia
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Title: Sign
Subject: Appalachian Mountains, Virginia, Montgomery county - Prices Fork, Grange Halls
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Title: Sketch of Wade Helvey Store
Subject: Appalachian Mountains - Business, Commerce
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Title: Southern Dairies Plant
Subject: Southern Dairies Plant, Business, Industry, Agriculture, Christiansburg, Virginia, Milk
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Title: Students at Luster's Gate
Subject: Student, Luster's Gate, Montgomery County, Virginia, School, Robertson, Price
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Title: The Huckleberry Train Snowbound
Subject: Snow, Huckleberry, Train, Railroad, Virginia, 1914, 172
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Title: The Old Huckleberry Depot
Subject: Huckleberry, Station, Railroad, Virginia, Blacksburg, VPI
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Title: Train carrying iron pipe from Radford...
Subject: Virginia - Radford Pipe Works, Railroad bridges, New River
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