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These images are available in TIF format (300 dpi only) unless otherwise noted. Collection contains ca. 10,000 photographic images taken by the Norfolk and Western Railway''s Public Relations Department. Subjects include locomotives; cars; coal mines; stations; cities and towns; Roanoke, Virginia; farm scenes; resorts; train wrecks; colleges and universities; group and individual portraits; and caves and caverns. Some photographs date from as early as the 1880s, and a large group of glass plates dates from the early 1900s, but the bulk of the photograph collection dates from the 1920s or later. Ms88-120.
Permission to publish Norfolk Southern images must be obtained from NS before TIFF images will be provided. Permission to publish must be obtained from
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Title: 1945 Year at a Glance Calendar
Subject: Railroad, Advertisement, Foreign Freight
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Title: April 1950 Magazine Cover
Subject: Railroad, Magazine Cover, Dogwood, Train
More Information...
Title: Article on Death - "May be the Penalt...
Subject: Advertisement, Article, Death, Penalty, Error
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Title: Back Cover of the 1935 Summer Resort ...
Subject: Railroad, Locomotive, Drawing, Advertisement, Summer Resort Book
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Title: Battle scene with cavaliers for adver...
Subject: Advertisments, Drawings, Historic Events
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Title: Cover of Industrial Booklet For Adver...
Subject: Railroad, Industrial Booklet, Advertisement, Sign
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Title: First cover of N&W Magazine, June, 1923
Subject: Railroad, Advertisement, N&W Magazine Cover
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Title: Front Cover of the Summer Resort Book
Subject: Railroad, Locomotive, Summer Resort Book, Drawing, Advertisement
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Title: July 1943 Magazine Cover
Subject: Railroad, Magazine Cover, Reaper, Farmer, Train
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Title: Layout of booklets for Time Table
Subject: railroad, Norfolk, Western, Advertisements
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Title: Legend of the Dogwood
Subject: Railroad, Advertisement, Ad, Article, Legend of the Dogwood
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Title: Magazine Advertisement
Subject: Magazine Advertisement,
More Information...
Title: Magazine Advertisement
Subject: Railroad, Hunting, Sport
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Title: Magazine Advertisement
Subject: Railroad, Magazine, Advertisement, Traffic World
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Title: Magazine Advertisement
Subject: Railroad, Advertisement, Boy, Children, Traffic World
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