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[folio icon]Black History at Virginia Tech (126 images)
[folio icon]Caldwell, William Addison Collection (9 images)
First student at Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, 1872, from Craig County, Virginia.
[folio icon]Fox, Stephen K. photographs (13 images)
Pictures taken while Fox was a senior in 1970 and developed in 1971 after his graduation.
[folio icon]Gaines, Jeremiah, Jr. Family (6 images)
Jeremiah Gaines, Jr. graduated from Virgina Tech in 1971. His three chiidren, Jeri, John, and Jina attended Virginia Tech.
[folio icon]Multicultural Diversity at Virginia Tech (49 images)
[folio icon]Smith, Wayne R. Collection (64 images)

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Title: Orientation at Virginia Tech, c 1975
Subject: VPI, university, students, campus
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Title: Orientation at Virginia Tech, c 1975
Subject: students, university, campus, VPI
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Title: Phi Sigma Kappa Members at VPI Footba...
Subject: Student, Football, Game, VPI, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia
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Title: Richard Shea
Subject: Virginia Tech, alumni, students, Medal of Honor winner
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Title: Samuel Digges Freeman from Black Badg...
Subject: Virginia Tech, VAMC, VPI&SU, student
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Title: Scheduling at orientation at Virginia...
Subject: class scheduling, university, education
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Title: Sterling LaGrand Wingo
Subject: Virginia Tech, Virginia Polytechnic Institue, VPI, Bugle, Blacksburg, 1951
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Title: Student Demonstration-1969
Subject: Campus, Life, Blacksburg, Virginia, VPI
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Title: Student Registration
Subject: VPI, Blacksburg, Virginia, Campus
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Title: Students in classroom
Subject: education, students
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Title: Taylor, R. C., from Kappa Sigma Kappa...
Subject: VPI, VT, Corps of Cadets, students
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Title: Three students at Virginia Tech in 1972
Subject: Virginia Tech, Women, Students
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Title: VAMC Band 1893
Subject: Virginia Tech, music, campus
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Title: Virginia Polytechnic Institute Histo...
Subject: Student education,
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Title: Virginia Tech baseball team
Subject: Southwestern Virginia, sports
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