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Title: Female Alder Flycatcher
Subject: Empidonax, alnorum, Alder Flycatcher
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Title: Female Bachman's Warbler
Subject: Vermivora, bachmani, Bachman's Warbler
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Title: Female Caspian Tern
Subject: Sterna, caspia, Caspian Tern
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Title: Female Cerulean Warbler
Subject: Dendroica, cerulea, Cerulean Warbler
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Title: Female Crimson-backed Tanager
Subject: Ramphocelus, dimidiatus, Crimson-backed Tanager
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Title: Female Dickcissel
Subject: Spiza, americana, Dickcissel
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Title: Female Golden-crowned Kinglet
Subject: Regulus, satrapa, Golden-crowned Kinglet
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Title: Female Heath Hen
Subject: Tympanuchus, cupido, Greater Prairie-Chicken
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Title: Female Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
Subject: Campephilus, principalis, Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
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Title: Female Passenger Pigeon
Subject: Ectopistes, migratorius, Passenger Pigeon
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Title: Male Bachman's Warbler
Subject: Vermivora, bachmani, Bachman's Warbler
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Title: Male Bali Myna
Subject: Leucopsar, rothschildi, Bali Myna
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Title: Male Bewick's Wren
Subject: Thryomanes, bewickii, Bewick's Wren
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Title: Male Blue-Black Tanager
Subject: Tangara, vassori, Blue-Black Tanager
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Title: Male Blue-crowned Chlorophonia
Subject: Chlorophonia, occipitalis, Blue-crowned Chlorophonia
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