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Work Typephotograph
TitleHon. George Washington Hopkins gravestone in Sinking Springs Cemetery, Abington, Virginia
CreatorHomer E. Davis
SubjectUnited States History - Civil War - 1861-1865
Work DateMay 28, 1982
RepositorySpecial Collections (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
Current SiteCD Davis, Disc I
NotesFeb. 22, 1804 - March 1, 1861Common schooling. Taught. studied law, Bar 1834. State House 1844-5. 24-9 US Congress, Democrat, 1835-47. Charge d'affairs to Portugal, 1847-9. State House 1850=1. State Constutional Conv. 1850-1. Judge. 35 US Congress 1857-9. State House 1859-61.
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