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Work TypePhotograph
TitleHatfield Tunnel near Williamson, WV
Creatorno creator given
SubjectRailroad, Tunnel,, West Virginia, WV,trains
Work Date1929
MaterialBlack & White
Current SiteCD: NS022
NotesNegative 13360; Hatfield Tunnel near Williamson, WV 1929 the following information was received from Jim Cochran on 3/18/02: Ten plus years ago, some friends and I were chasing an NS excursion through this area. We traveled east from Williamson and turned south through Red Jacket to head for Matewan. As we arrived in Matewan and followed the tracks, we came upon the twin bores just west of town. From our approach of heading back towards Williamson, this would be the east portal of the tunnel. When we were there, we tried to determine if the west portal was also easily accessible by road (at least with the maps we had) and concluded it was not. Clay Moritz ____________________________________________________ It is only N&W mainline in state of KY; seems like I've read that by taking this route the N&W construction crews were able to avoid an area of particularly rowdy locals, but that doesn't make business sense to me A.P. Robinson ____________________________________________________ My vote is for Matewan, WV. Take picture and walk out in the golf course and I think you will "feel the experience". Oakie G Ford IRONTON, OH ____________________________________________________ I believe these are the east portals, if I remember correctly. The one on the left is the younger of the two bores. This location is also near where the Hatfields and McCoy's would shoot at each other across the river. Thus the name Hatfield tunnel. A.J. Gemperline
SourceNorfolk & Western Historical Photograph Collection