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Work TypePhotograph
TitleThree days after Wreck of Little Otter
Creatorno creator given
SubjectTrains, Wrecks, Little Otter
Work Date19351001
MaterialBlack & White
Current SiteCD: NS022
NotesNegative #21710-B (printed as Negative #2), A.E. Hess Photographer. Information received 1/7/02 as noted: October 1, 1935) Information received 1/7/02 as noted: #3745 appears to be a duplicate of #3732. Jim Cochran **************************************************** The Blue Ridge District crosses Little Otter three times: 1- At Mile Post N-225.45 (50 ft. concrete arch) 2- West of Bedford at MP N-229.63 (20'''' concrete arch) 3- Near Mile Post N-231 (30'''' concrete arch also accomodates a county road). Judging from the height of the trestle, it was the crossing EAST of Bedford. Circa 1910, the railroad was realigned Forest to Montvale. East of Bedford, the old alignment paralleled the present track on the south side from MP N-221.5 to MP N-226.5 (approximately). On the original alignment, the second crossing is now on a dirt road west of Bedford and the third crossing can be seen from U.S. 460, These two don''''t have the height shown in the photo. Having hoofed it from Goode to Vinton, the original first crossing of Little Otter can''''t be viewed from the current right of way. It''''s out in the boonies. Harry Bundy ************************************************** Little Otter River is just East of Bedford, VA; Big Otter is a bit Easter. A topo shows about a 90 ft drop from the ''''old railroad grade'''' to the river/stream. Unfortunately, I know nothing about the wreck. CEClose ******** The ones to look at are #3746 (a different angle of the wreck, showing the iron(?) trestle that failed) and #3747 (the temporary wood replacement trestle in action). David Thompson
SourceNorfolk & Western Historical Photograph Collection