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Work TypePhotograph
TitleMason Creek Bridge N & W Train Wreck
Creatorno creator given
SubjectEngine,locomotive, Roanoke,VA
Work Datec. 1892
MaterialBlack & White
Current Site CD: NS022
NotesNegative #6710-D, Train in WaterWay Received from Jim Cochran 3/18/02 Best guess on this one. You can tell by the builder plate she was built by Rogers Locomotive Works. I haven't been able to make out the number on the headlight but would suspect the locomotive is a class G. Seems to fit a wreck of the 192 on August 14, 1898. This locomotive was handling 3rd 92 when it went into the creek at location called Mason Creek Bridge. The cause was a washout due to heavy rains in the area. I list the engineer of the train as W. E. Kirkwood. Have no idea if he survrived the wreck. Best source of details on any of these wrecks would be local newspapers in the area for that time period. This one should have been covered by the Roanoke paper. Jim Blackstock
SourceNorfolk & Western Historical Photograph Collection