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folio iconSouthwest Virginia : Institute of Ulster Scots Studies : Ulster Scots Studies U. S. Task Force Meeting, February 15-16, 2002
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Title Wallenstein,Conway, Puckett, and Peters
creator Gail McMillan
  • Ulster Scots
  • literature
  • history
  • Scotland
  • Virginia Tech
owner dla
work type jpg
work date February 15-16, 2002
notes Participants: Ginette Alley, History, Virginia Tech; Katharine Brown, Historic Preservation, Mary Baldwin College; CeCe Conway, English Dept., Appalachian State University; Elizabeth Fine, Director, Humanities, Virginia Tech; Patrick Griffin, History Dept., Ohio University; Warren R. Hofstra, History Dept., Shenandoah University; Richard MacMaster, Elizabethtown Collect (PA), Scotch-Irish Society of America; Gail McMillan, Director, Digital Library and Archives, Virginia Tech; Kereby Miller, History Dept., University of Missouri, N Columbia; Chris Moser, Atlanta Area Friends of Folk Music; Michael Montgomery, Professor Emeritus, University of South Carolina; Norma Myers, Curator, Archives of Appalachia, East Tennessee State University; Dr. Johan Norstedt, English Dept., Virginia Tech; Dr. Leonard Peters, Vice-Presidentof Research, Virginia Tech; Anita Puckett, Coordinator, Appalachian Studies Program, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Virginia Tech; Michael Saffle, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Virginia Tech; Dr. Peter Wallensteiin, History Dept., Virginia Tech; Helen Wykle, Coordinator of Special Collections, University of North Carolina, Ashville; Robert Vaughn, President, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities; and Andrew Wyndham, Director, Humanities Resource Service, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
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