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folio iconCivil War : Davis, Homer E. Collection. Ms2001-051
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Title Hon. William Ballard Preston and Lucy Preston, bottom half of gravestone in Sinking Springs Cemetery, Abington, Virgi
creator Homer E. Davis
role photographer
  • United States History - Civil War - 1861-1865
  • Confederate Army
owner dla
copyright DLA
work type photograph
work date May 26, 1982
current site CD Davis, Disc I
notes Nov 25, 1805 - Nov 16, 1862Hampden-Sidney College 1824. U. VA law, Bar 1826. Son of Gov. James P. Preston. Planter, politician, lawyer. Served in both houses of the VA Legislature. US Congress. Anti-slavery whig. 1849- Sec. of the navy. virginia conv in 1861. Opposed secession. CSA Provisional Congress. Was chosen for Western Senator of Virginia, committee on Foreign Affairs and Militiary Affairs. States Righter. Nephew of John FloydBottom half of broken stone
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