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folio iconVirginia Tech Campus Views and Maps : 1931 Insurance Survey of Virginia Tech
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Title Building #59, Military Laboratory
creator Charles Lunsford & Sons Roanoke, Virginia
role surveyor
  • Virginia Tech campus
  • faculty
  • residence
  • housing
  • military
owner dla
work type survey
work date 1931
current site CD: 05001
notes This is a one story brick building, no basement, tin roof on boards on wood joist, wood trusses; concrete floor. Stove heat with brick chimney supported on attic floor joist. Building is used as garage for the storage and repairs of military equipment and automobiles, also contains shooting gallery, engineering laboratory where instruction is given in bridge building, and storage of military equipment including guns and a small amount of blank ammunition. Also noted: Military laboratory - The building, referred to under this title in our original report was located on s/s Main Street northeast of dining hall. This has been torn down and the bricks used in erecting a new building about 65 ft. north of building #5 known as barracks #2. This is a one story building with brick walls, conrete floor, composition roof on wood joist on exposed steel "I" beams. The ceiling is sheathed with Celotex. Electric light with wiring in conduit; steam heat from central heating plant; there is also a small kerosene oil stove in this building used for heating water. Building is in an excellent state of repair and the estimated 100% insurable value is approximately $16,000 after deducting cost of excavations, foundations and depreciation.
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