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folio iconCivil War : Civil War Poetry Collection, Ms2003-014
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Title Letter from brother to sister
creator Newton
role author
  • United States History - Civil War - 1861-1865
  • Correspondence
owner dla
copyright DLA
conditions of use These resources and materials are not in the public domain and copyright is largely held by the Digital Library and Archives, University Libraries, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
work type letter
work date c 1860-65
repository Digital Library and Archives (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
repository place Blacksburg, Virginia
notes Head quarters Lee Calvary Brigade Essex Co. Va. Feby 1st 1863 Dear Sis As I have written Pa I will enclose a note to you. I ate The apples you sent me last nite they were delecious (such as we have to pay 25 cts a piece for here). I also received the clothes you sent me they were very acceptable indeed altho I did not need them much. Can't you make a cap. I am sure if you could see me going about here bare headed you would make me one. Any sort of a one will do if it is like my old long red cap it will do make one with several different colours in it don't put a face to it if you should make one out of worsted looks very pretty and flat on top. Take care of my trunk of clothes, don't let the moths ruin them. Write me when Pa writes me and let me know how you all are. Nothing more at present Your affectionate Brother Newton Burn this as soon As you read it And tell Pa to Burn his
source Ms2003-014
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