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folio iconCivil War : Testerman, Louise, MS86-008
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Title Donaldson and Rand, Confederate Soldiers, 1862, Richmond, Virginia
creator no creator given
  • United States History - Civil War - 1861-1865 - Confederate Army
owner dla
copyright DLA
work type Photograph
work date January 1862
material Black & White
repository Digital Library and Archives (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
repository place Blacksburg, Virginia
current site CD: Local History lh206-340
related work Testerman, Louise, MS86-008
notes The hand-colored albumen print of John P. Donaldson, lest, 2nd Lieutenant, Company H, and Noyes Rand, 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant, both of the 22nd Virginia Regiment of the Confederate States Army, was taken in January 1862 in Richmond, Va. Testerman Collection: MS86-008, Testerman
source Ms86-008
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