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folio iconTemple, Col. Harry. Ms88-039 : Officers, Faculty, and Staff
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Title The Faculty 1895-1896
creator no creator given
  • Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College & Polytechnic Institute
  • College Teachers
owner dla
copyright DLA
work type Photograph
work date 1895-1896
material Black & White
repository Digital Library and Archives (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
repository place Blacksburg, Virginia
current site CD: HTemple, Disc 2
related work Ms88-039
notes Harry Downing Temple Photograph Collection 8-John McBryde,President and Professor of Agricultural Chemistry. 2-William B. Alwood, Prof. of Horticulture, Entomology and Mycology. 12-Edward E. Shieb, Prof. of English, History and Political Economy. 5-Ellison A. Smyth, Jr., Prof. of Biology. 7-Theodore P. Campbell, Prof. of Modern Languages. 3-Robert C. Price, Prof. of General Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology. 11-D.O. Nourse, Prof. of Agriculture. 13-Robert J. Davidson, Prof. of Analytical Chemistry. 4-E.P. Niles, Prof. of Veterinary Science. 1-Lingan S. Randolph, Prof. of Mechanical Engineering. 6-Samuel R. Pritchard, Prof. of Physics & Electrical Engineering. 14-William M. Patton - Prof. of Civil Engineering. 9 - David C. Shanks - Prof. of Military Science & Tactics, Asst. Prof. of Math and Commandant of Cadets. 10 - William W. Hurt - Asst. Professor of Math and Bookkeeping.
source Historical Photograph
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