International Archive of Women in Architecture - IAWA

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Brians, Audrey. Ms2000-019 (1 photos)

Chadeayne, Olive. Ms90-057 (20 photos)

Currie, Virginia M. Herz. Ms2001-005 (1 photos)

Driskel, Jean Roth. Ms2000-033 (1 photos)

Dunay and Smith images (24 photos)

Duncombe, A. Jane. Ms2002-004 (15 photos)

Eardley, Cynthia (1 photos)

Galster, Gertrud. Ms96-020 (1 photos)

Gottlieb, Lois. Ms97-003 (21 photos)

Gramatikova, Lilia. Ms2001-023 (11 photos)

Hastings, L. Jane. Ms2004-004 (78 photos)

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Keichline, Anna Wagner. MS89-016 (3 photos)

Koller-Buchwieser, Helene, Ms95-020 (8 photos)

Lari, Yasmeen. Ms2000-057 (268 photos)
Yasmeen Lari was the first registered woman architect in Pakistan (1963). Images of buildings designed by Lari were taken by Marcia F. Feuerstein, Ph.D., A.I.A., during a trip to Pakistan.

Marquard, Claudia. Ms2001-029 (2 photos)

Norwicki, Stanislawa. Ms2001-031 (9 photos)

Pettersen, Eleanore. Ms2003-018 (93 photos)

Pfeiffer, Alberta Raffl. Ms88-017 (1 photos)

Piomelli, M. Rosaria. Ms95-007 (11 photos)

Rahm, Berta. Ms98-011 (58 photos)

Rodeck, Melita. Ms92-028 (4 photos)

Rudoff, Lorraine. Ms90-025 (26 photos)

Rupp, Sigrid. Ms97-006 (1 photos)

Skala, Lilia. Ms2002-100 (45 photos)

Speigel, Susan. Ms2000-099 (50 photos)

Stan, Sally B. Ms2001-015 (10 photos)

Stancheva, Dina. Ms97-017 (1 photos)

Steinmesch, Henrietta May. Ms86-016 (2 photos)

Sutton, Sharon E. Ms2001-036 (4 photos)

Torre, Susana. Ms90-016 (8 photos)

Watkin, Rebecca Wood. Ms95-009 (21 photos)

Westrom, Hilde. Ms87-061 (3 photos)

Zimbler, Liane. Ms88-005 (2 photos)