About Imagebase

Imagebase is a browsable/searchable database of images and related information (metadata). The current version of the database and original scripts were designed by Anthony Atkins, and are maintained by the Special Collections Department.

Ordering Images from the Imagebase

Please first read our Conditions of Use .
To order images for personal and research use, complete a permissions/order form for this purpose.
To order images for publication or exhibition purposes, complete the permission/order form specifically for this purpose.

About the Logo

The logo that appears at the top of these pages was designed by Anthony Atkins, with help from Shawn Mulligan, Robert Smock, and Joel Brown. The logo is a montage of images found in the imagebase. From left to right, these images are:

About the Technology

The scripts that comprise the imagebase are written in PHP, and read and write information to a MySQL database.