Search Examples

Search for image records whose record contains the word "apple" but does not contain the word "butter".

Search for image records whose creator is "Earl Palmer" and whose record contains the word "miner".

Search for image records whose record contains the word "fire" and the word "engine", but whose title does not contain the phrase "fire engine".

Search Help

To search ImageBase, enter search terms in the search box at the top of any page and either hit "enter" or click the "search" button.

All search words and phrases must appear in the results that are returned. If you enter too many search terms or the words you use are too esoteric, you may receive very few results, even though there are records that contain a number of the words you have requested.

Search Qualifiers

To use a qualifier, simply enter the qualifier and a colon (:) at the end of the qualifier. (for example, "title: bather") Spaces are optional after the colon.

If you want to search the entire record for one term, but also use a qualifier you can use the wildcard "&" symbol or put the term that is applied to the entire record first. For example, "burruss subject: students" will search the entire record for "burruss", but restrict the results to those with "students" in the subject. For example, "subject:students & burruss" will return the same results.

Please note that you may not use multiple qualifiers for the same search term. For example, "subject:snow title:snow" is right, but "subject:title:snow" is wrong.

  • & (wildcard)
  • subject
  • keyword - same as subject
  • keywords - same as subject
  • title
  • creator
  • author - same as creator
  • role
  • work_type
  • work_date
  • material
  • technique
  • repository
  • repository_place
  • style_period_group_movement
  • related_work
  • relationship
  • notes
  • style
  • period
  • group
  • movement
  • nationality
  • culture
  • medium
  • site

Search Tips

  • Use quotes around a phrase such as "fire engine". Otherwise every word is treated as a separate search term.
  • Use the minus sign (-) to indicate that a search term or phrase must not appear in the returned results.
  • Use qualifiers to search for a word or phrase in a specific field (see list of qualifiers and qualifier examples below).