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[folio icon]Agriculture, Horticulture, Gardening (388 images)
[folio icon]Appalachia (55 images)
Images from mountain life in the Appalachian Mountains.
[folio icon]Art & Art History Slide Library (5779 images)
These images are scanned from the holdings of the Art & Art History Slide Library. They can only be viewed from the Virginia Tech campus network, or by Virginia Tech users whose browser is configured to use the library proxy server
[folio icon]Art and Architecture (132 images)
[folio icon]Christiansburg Institute (1416 images)
Photographs loaned by Christiansburg Institute for digitization to make available to the public through the Virgina Tech ImageBase
[folio icon]Civil War (2323 images)
[folio icon]Culinary History (815 images)
A collection of images including people, events, and culinary materials at Virginia Tech. The Culinary Collection Advisory Board which originated in Southwest Virginia is now known as the Peacock-Harper Culinary History Friends. They continue to find resources to develop, preserve, and improve access to the Culinary History Collection. The materials are located in the Special Collections Library, Newman Library, Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, Virginia.
[folio icon]International Archive of Women in Architecture - IAWA (1621 images)
The IAWA was founded in 1985 to collect, preserve, and make available to researchers the history of the involvement of women in architecture. Collections include the professional papers of women architects, landscape architects, designers, architectural historians and critics, and urban planners, and the records of architectural organizations for women.
[folio icon]Landscape Architecture & Architecture (197 images)
Landscape Architecture and Architecture images, most shot by Terry Clements.
[folio icon]Maps (762 images)
[folio icon]Palmer, Earl. Appalachian Photograph Collection. Ms89-025 (642 images)
The materials have been donated jointly to the Appalachian Collection in the University Libraries and the Appalachian Studies Program at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
[folio icon]Railroad (12555 images)
[folio icon]Science and Technology (271 images)
[folio icon]Science fiction, historical books, scrapbooks, and general memorabilia (279 images)
Science fiction and fantasy, records of battles, natural disasters, scenes of life in various countries contained in books, scrapbooks, and photographs.
[folio icon]Southwest Virginia (2692 images)
[folio icon]Temple, Col. Harry. Ms88-039 (1149 images)
Photographs used in his series: The Bugle's Echo: A Chronology of Cadet Life at the Military College at Blacksburg, Virginia.
[folio icon]Theater and Music (887 images)
Theater collections include playbills, revues and criticism,actors and actresses, and photographs of characters on stage. The music collections include classical, jazz, blues, religious, patriotic, and popular sheet music covers.
[folio icon]Turner, Henry Flippen Collection (256 images)
Leather bound memory book is the property of Ann Lehman, Richmond, VA. H.F. Turner attended VA Tech as a freshman in 1920-21.
[folio icon]Virginia Cooperative Extension. Record Group 26/2 (5168 images)
Collection contains approximately 5,000 photographs of activities of the Agricultural Extension Service, primarily in the 1950s, including 4-H and home demonstration work. Other historical photographs of extension work, used in compiling College of the Fields: Highlights of the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, can be found in Record Group 26/2 in the University Archives. Listed in photo guide as Agricultural Extension Service.
[folio icon]Virginia Tech Athletics (4710 images)
VT Sports Information Department
[folio icon]Virginia Tech Campus Views and Maps (642 images)
Photographs from the Virginia Tech Photograph Archives in Special Collections, Newman Library.
[folio icon]Virginia Tech Faculty, Staff, Students, and Organizations (4911 images)
[folio icon]Virginia Tech Historical Photograph Collection (1006 images)
Images from the Virginia Tech Historical Photograph Collection held in Special Collections, Newman Library.
[folio icon]Virginia Tech Museum of Natural History (250 images)
[folio icon]Virginia Tech Publications (54 images)
[folio icon]Virginia Tech University Relations Slide Collection (5555 images)
Collection of slides from Virginia Tech University Relations archived in DLA/Special Collections, Newman Library, Blacksburg, Virginia. Ms2003-023

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