Theater and Music

Civil War sheet music (9 photos)

Lawrie, Arthur Sheet Music Ms 70-004 (78 photos)
LAWRIE, ARTHUR. SHEET MUSIC, 1877-1913. Vocal arrangements, piano scores, opera librettos and sacred songs by Chopin, Bach, Schubert, and Haydn, as well as other modern composers. A few of the modern pieces have been signed by the composers. Ms70-004.

Sheet Music Collection Ms2003-021 (386 photos)
Changes in American popular culture from 1823 through the mid-20th century are reflected in these sheet music covers. The titles of the songs and illustrations on the covers demonstrate how changes in socio-political thinking, including romantic idealism, patriotic enthusiasm, and the influence of African Americans, impacted music and art in the United States. The collection also contains some European sheet music covers. Ms2003-021.

Theater Scrapbooks Collection. Ms89-019 (414 photos)
[THEATER SCRAPBOOKS, 1897-1905]. 3 vols. Playbills, articles, and photographs from plays and about actors on the New York stage.