Civil War

Apperson Family, Papers, Ms74-003 (225 photos)
The Appersons were connected by marriage to the Black and Kent families of Blacksburg, Virginia.

Atkinson, Archibald Jr. Diary. Ms94-022 (63 photos)

Bear Family. Ms92-010 (53 photos)
Images of correspondence that describes Civil War war activity.

Billings, Elden E., Collection. Ms91-036 (25 photos)
Collection of Civil War era material.

Bodell, Dorothy, Research Notes. Ms88-042 (6 photos)
Material used in research for her book, Montgomery White Sulphur Springs: A History of the Resort, Cemeteries, Markers, and Monuments, published in 1993.

Candler, William Latham Papers. Ms1997-007 (26 photos)
Union soldier Candler writes about his experiences during the Civil War.

Carnahan, John Newton Letters, 1861-1862. MS2009-112 (40 photos)
Confederate solder from Virginia writes to wife and children.

Carpenter, Henry C. Ms1996-008 (10 photos)
Confederate solder in the 34th Virginia Infantry writes about his wartime experiences.

Choate Family Letters, Ms85-016 (74 photos)

Civil War Poetry Collection, Ms2003-014 (16 photos)
This poetry collection will found in the Civil War Mall manuscripts Collection.

Civil War Small Manuscripts Collection, Ms2003-014 (8 photos)
This collecion contains such items as letters, diaries, and ephemera relating to the Civil War.

Davis, Homer E. Collection. Ms2001-051 (67 photos)
Collection consists of photographs of grave sites of famous people. Mr. and Mrs. Davis took these photographs during a trip to various graveyards in the early 1980s.

Di Carolo, Guy, Jr. Ms 95-015 (2 photos)
Research material gathered by Mr. Di Carolo.

Doyle, George F., Scrapbook. Ms89-096 (70 photos)
This scrapbook was compiled by a Charleston, Massachusetts, resident. It contains Union songsheets, mourning cards, patriotic covers, and cartoons. Much of the information relates to Colonel Ephram E. Ellsworth whose death in May, 1861, caused a great up-swell in patriotic sentiment in the North.

Edminton, Robert Inventory. Ms88-077 (4 photos)
Land and slave owner's inventory of his property

Fenwick Civil War Material Collection. Ms2001-042 (46 photos)
Sketchbook of Charles Gulager,a private in Company A, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Harris, James W. M. Collection. Ms2000-005 (641 photos)
HARRIS, JAMES W. M., PAPERS, 1857-1900. Topics include descriptions of the siege of Vicksburg, life in Richmond, life during the Civil War, and treatment of African Americans during the time period. Ms2000-085.

Hawkes, Joshua Gilman, Ms79-003 (61 photos)
Letters of a Union soldier

Hawkins, James P. Ms2008-025 (54 photos)
Messenger for the Southern Express company in Virginia.

Hendrix, Lee. Ms90-020 (24 photos)
Letters of a North Carolina private

Hull, John N. Ms92-043 (4 photos)
Soldier in 4th Virginia Regiment, Co. D, Ewell Corps, Stonewall Brigade, during the Civil War

Janney, John, Papers, Ms2001-019 (97 photos)
Janney, John. (November 8, 1798-January 5, 1872) was a lawyer, a member of the Whig Party in Virginia, delegate to the Virginia General Assembly from Loudoun County. He served as president of the Virginia Secession Convention in 1861.

Key Family Papers. Ms92-044 (39 photos)
Receipts, tax bills of the Key and the Wheat families, who were interrelated.

Knapp, Edgar R. Letters. Ms2001-015 (80 photos)
Civilian supporter of the Union, Knapp served as a steward at the U.S. military hospital, Annapolis, Maryland. Letters are from relatives, hospital patients and their family members.

Lee, Robert E. Ms2002-044 (6 photos)
Letter written by Lee and portraits of him.

Letters from the Civil War era (2 photos)
Small collections of images from Civil War manuscript collections.

Matthew, Hiram Papers, Ms1988-090 (4 photos)
Letter from Hiram Matthew to his wife written in 1863.

New England Press Association. Photograph Album. Ms91-024 (63 photos)
Sixty-three photographs taken on a tour of a group of New England Press Association members to North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Maryland. Album wned by Norfolk Southern Corporation.

Nicolay, John. Papers. Ms87-027 (7 photos)
Material used in Nicolay''s research on Montgomery County, Virginia, history

Pittenger, Willliam J. Collection, Ms2001-064 (196 photos)
William J. Pittenger diary written in 1863. Included in the images is a copy of a newspaper article dated January 6, 1957, that reviews the diary. Pittenger became a signal corpsman with the Union Army on its advance down the Mississippi River to Vicksburg.

Preston, John, Papers, Ms94-034 (8 photos)
Native of Blacksburg, Virginia, active in state militia and government. Papers relate to transer of lands, slaves, and properties.

Preston, Robert Taylor Papers. Ms1992-003 (6 photos)
Pardon signed by President Andrew Johnson and an order from Brig. General Beauregard.

Scott, W.L. Ms88-085 (2 photos)
Confederate soldier in Civil War

Slaveship "Elizabeth." Ms75-001 (9 photos)
Material concerning transfer of slaves into the western world.

Smith Family Letters. Ms1996-018, Series IV. (74 photos)
Letters written by William Alexander Smith, Confederate soldier in the 50th Virginia Regiment.

Stepp, Silas H. Letters. Ms92-020 (37 photos)
Letters written from Silas to his wife prior to his capture by Union Army.

Tarr, G. Horace Letter, Ms1987-028 (2 photos)
Letter describes Battle of Chancellorsville.

Testerman, Louise, MS86-008 (6 photos)
Photographs collected by Testerman

Tice, James R. Ms2003-006 (7 photos)
Letters from a sargeant in the Virginia infantry.

United Daughters of the Confederacy, D. Harvy Black Chapter, Ms90-050 (12 photos)
Items devoted to local Blacksburg, Virginia, Confederate history.

Updike, Amon W. Correspondence, Ms85-012 (33 photos)

Valentine, Herbert E., Scrapbook, Ms1995-027 (34 photos)
VALENTINE, HERBERT E. (1841-1917). Ink wash sketches of scenes sketched during the Civil War years by Valentine.

Wall, Alexander Floyd Correspondence, Ms82-007 (31 photos)
Correspondence with Wall's brother-in-law, Waddy T. James, and one letter from James to his wife, Jennie. Also contains biographical information about James. James served in Virginia military during Civil War and in the Virginia legislature.

Walton Family Correspondence, Ms55-001 (40 photos)

White, Isaac Letters. Ms 1997-013 (67 photos)
Confederate army surgeon writes about experiences during the Civil War.

Wilson, B. G. Ms88-082 (2 photos)
Confederate soldier in the Civil War