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[folio icon]Southwest Virginia (2692 image records)

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[folio icon]Belcher, Dale Photographs Ms97-021 (70 images)
Images depict traditional culture of mountain people.
[folio icon]Blacksburg Bicentennial (97 images)
See online exhibit "Blacksburg Bicentennial" at
[folio icon]Blacksburg, Virginia (725 images)
[folio icon]Christiansburg, Virginia (27 images)
[folio icon]Croy Family Photographs. Ms2001-018 (139 images)
[folio icon]Elarth, Wilhelmina van Ingen Collection, Ms69-004 (10 images)
The Wilhelmina van Ingen-Elarth Collection includes photographs of three generations of the van Ingen family, correspondence, personal daily diaries, academic and publicity announcements, and photographs/postcards from travels and studies in Europe. It also includes a small group of Aegean and Mexican pre-Columbian artifacts and sherds, Ms van Ingen was Professor of History and Art at Wheaton College (Mass.) (1935-46). During this time she married Herschel A. Elarth, then Professor of Architecture at the University of Oklahoma. From 1947-54, the couple was at the University of Manitoba, where she taught History of Art.
[folio icon]Episcopal Diocese of SW Virginia (119 images)
EPISCOPAL DIOCESE OF SOUTHWESTERN VIRGINIA. RECORDS, 1919-1990. . Diocese created from the Diocese of Southern Virginia in 1919, covering those parts of Virginia south and west of Nelson, Amherst, and Campbell counties, with administrative headquarters in Roanoke. Ms85-004
[folio icon]Farmers Security Administration -Office of War Information (FSA/OWI) (34 images)
Selected images from: America 1935-1946 the FSA/OWI photographs. [microform]. Cambridge [Cambridgeshire]:Chadwyck-Healey; Teneck, N.J.: c. 1980. E169 A48
[folio icon]Finch, Adam T. Collection (29 images)
Manuscript 74-015
[folio icon]Gale, Charlotte Dryden Photograph Album (42 images)
Book with photos pasted to pages. Descriptions written in script. Dated Sept. 22, 1898. Ms90-044
[folio icon]Giles County, Virginia (633 images)
Included are Clover Hollow, Newport and Giles Country research images. Local call number AN2008-002
[folio icon]Hotel Roanoke (2 images)
Hotel located in downtown Roanoke, Virginia, built by Norfolk and Western Railroad Company.
[folio icon]Institute of Ulster Scots Studies (16 images)
To promote the understanding of Ulster Scots history, culture and heritage through research and scholarship within local, national and international contexts. * To recover for posterity, the significance of the cultural, political and intellectual movement of ideas influenced by the Ulster Scots people. * To develop a transnational approach which will be geographically and politically pluralist and embrace a multiplicity of perspectives. It will stress, as is appropriate for a trans-oceanic enterprise, the fluidity of the cultural process and the dynamism of cultural exchange rather than the parochial rootedness of ethnic history. The approach will be polycentric, broadening intellectual horizons rather than restricting them
[folio icon]Kentland Farm, Montgomery County, Virginia (86 images)
[folio icon]Kline, John Photograph Collection (37 images)
Photographs loaned by John Kline of Gentry Studio, Blacksburg, Virginia
[folio icon]Maps and posters relating to Virginia and neighboring states (15 images)
[folio icon]Montgomery County, Virginia (43 images)
[folio icon]Mountain Handicraft (30 images)
[folio icon]National Bank of Blacksburg, Virginia (31 images)
Images of National Bank of Blacksburg buildings occupied from 1921 to 2013.
[folio icon]Porter Photograph Album (237 images)
PORTER, J.C. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM, ca. 1880. 1 vol. Scrapbook of approximately 240 (all ca. 1880) photographs of structures and scenes in several southwestern Virginia counties, including Bland, Craig, Giles, and Smyth. Includes photographs of a Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad station in New Castle and Mountain Lake resort hotel, both in Giles County. Photographs believed to have been taken and compiled by Porter. Ms90-079
[folio icon]Pulaski County (11 images)
[folio icon]Smithfield Preston Collection (193 images)
SMITHFIELD PRESTON FOUNDATION. PAPERS, 1784-1881, n.d. 204 items. Collection consists of letters written by two generations of members of the Preston family of southwest Virginia, Kentucky, and South Carolina, to James and Sarah Preston McDowell in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Most of the correspondents are the children and grandchildren of William and Susanna Smith Preston, settlers of Montgomery County, Virginia, who built their home, "Smithfield," in 1772. Inventory available. Ms97-002.
[folio icon]Southwest Virginia Counties Collection, Ms2000-092 (9 images)
Images of scanned recipe books and diaries
[folio icon]Walker, Jim Collection (8 images)
Healing springs

9 Image Records in This Folio

Title: Courthouse dedication - 1913
Subject: Virginia, government
More Information...
Title: Farm scene in Southwestern Virginia
Subject: agriculture, farming
More Information...
Title: Farm scene with barn and pond
Subject: agriculture, farming
More Information...
Title: Farm scene with pond
Subject: agriculture, Southwestern Virginia
More Information...
Title: Gary Restaurant at railroad crossing,...
Subject: Trains, Buildings - restaurants
More Information...
Title: Hiram Tracy Jones family photograph 1890
Subject: reunion, , Virginia, Kessler, Chapman, Walker, Bailey
More Information...
Title: Man with banjo
Subject: Appalachian regions (People ) - Pictorial works, Southwest Virginia, music, rural life
More Information...
Title: Mary Porter Bridge
Subject: Mary Porter, Bridge, East River, Glyn Lyn, Virginia
More Information...
Title: Train station at Tazewell, Virginia
Subject: depot, railroad, steam engine
More Information...

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