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Work TypePhotograph
TitleTrain Wreck with Baldwin M481 and Richmond built M393
Creatorno creator given
SubjectTrains, Wrecks
Work Datec June 1928
MaterialBlack & White
Current SiteCD: NS022
NotesNegative #11654-B, Unidentified Following received 1/7/02: This was a wreck that I failed to record the location. The date was June 1928 if this helps. The locomotive on the left is Baldwin built M 481. The 481 was doubleheaded with another class M perhaps the 381 or the 493 that is hidden by the brush. The locomotive on the right is Richmond built M 393. Both locomotives were rebilt and returned to service after this wreck. You will note that the 481 has what appears to be Baker Valve gear. I think it was Bakered after another wreck that it was involved in 1918. From Jim Blackstock
SourceNorfolk & Western Historical Photograph Collection