Virginia Cooperative Extension Service Photographs, Record Group 26/2b

Animal Husbandry and Livestock

   Breeding and Lamb Care (26 photos)

   Cows and Calves (11 photos)

   Dublin Feeder Calf Sale (9 photos)

   Equipment - Cattle (40 photos)
Equipment used to dehorn, castrate, grade, feed, as well as the use of insecticides in raising cattle.

   Pasture (Beef Cattle) (58 photos)

   Poultry (113 photos)

   Sales (Beef Cattle) (26 photos)

   Sheep - feed (26 photos)

   Sheep equipment,handling,ram sale, and and shearing (73 photos)

   Sheep parasites,sales, and fittings (30 photos)

   Sheep Pasture (123 photos)

   Water (13 photos)